LCN gel nai;ls being applied

You’re ready for a brand new set of nails. But you want something that can hold up against wear and tear. Have you considered LCN gel nails? These cosmetic nail extensions are durable, flexible, and fashionable. Better yet, they’re made without any solvents, acids, or acetone. 

LCN stands for light concept nails. Made of a light curing resin, these nails harden under a special light. The material is a derivative of the resin used in white dental fillings, which goes to show how strong LCN gel nails really are. Once they cure, they become solid and slightly flexible. 

Even without polish on top, these nails look completely natural and realistic; this is due to the clear colour of the gel. When topped with a coating of Shellac polish, the nails become even more durable.

Ready for an eye-catching manicure? Here’s why you should consider LCN gel nails:


The Benefits Of LCN Gel Nails

Why should you choose LCN gel nails the next time you’re at the salon? Not only will you have fabulous-looking nails, but you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:


LCN gel nails don’t damage your natural nails

If you’re thinking about getting your nails done, you might be worried about how it could damage your natural nails. But with LCN, there is minimal damage to the natural nail. LCN products do not contain acids, acetone, or solvents. Once you’re ready to remove your LCN gel nails, the underlying nails will remain intact. 

If you have naturally dry or brittle nails, we can tailor your LCN manicure to suit your hands. We can customize your LCN gel product to better suit your natural nails.


They’re durable & long-lasting

You’ve fallen in love with your new set of LCN gel nails. And here’s one of the best parts: they can last for weeks! They’re also more resistant to stains or cracks.

Here’s another benefit: they’re resistant to damage from the sunlight. A set of LCN gel nails will not turn yellow from UV rays. 

Did you accidentally damage one of your nails? We offer LCN gel nail repairs and refills. You can schedule maintenance appointments whenever your manicure needs a touch-up. Most of our clients schedule refills once a month. 


LCN gel nails are slightly flexible

If your nails are completely rigid, they’re more prone to breaking or cracking. It can make everyday chores a bit more difficult, from washing your hair to typing on a keyboard. LCN gel nails are incredibly strong, and part of that is due to their flexibility. 

LCN gel nails have just enough flexibility to make them more functional. You won’t need to worry about your nails snapping while you wash dishes or open packages. If you work with your hands, LCN gel nails are an excellent option. 


The Application Process

First, your nail technician will begin by preparing your fingers and nails. They’ll remove any existing polish or dry skin. Once your nails are clean, the nail technician will apply the gel. They’ll contour it according to your desired shape. 

After the resin is applied, it’s cured under UV light. The curing process typically takes a minute or two. 

If you wish to add a Shellac polish on top, it will be applied once your nails have cured. We also offer nail art services including french ombre, chrome, and custom nail designs.

Are you interested in trying LCN gel nails? If you’re looking for a high-quality nail product that’s made without acids or solvents, consider a set of LCN gel nails. At AiNails & Spa, we offer manicures, LCN gel nails, nail art, and more. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Posted on: Wed, 11/24/2021 - 14:39