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As winter approaches, many of us dread the reality of dry, chapped skin.  The skin on our faces has constant exposure to the elements, and so we tend to focus on modifying our facial skincare routine as the seasons change.  But our hands also take a beating in the winter.  Plus, we wash them multiple times per day and also expect them to do all kinds of tough jobs.  


Our hands and nails deserve the best care in every season.  But winter, in particular, can be a time when they require a little extra love and attention.  This winter, dedicate some time to creating the perfect skincare routine for your hands and nails.  Keeping them happy doesn’t have to be tough, but it does require a little bit of planning and forethought.   


After all your hands do for you, here are a few simple ways you can give back to them:


Glove It Up

Probably the number one thing you can do for your hands and nails in winter is to reduce their exposure to the elements.  In other words, wear gloves or mittens every time you go outdoors.  


Changing from warm to cold temperatures and back again can really dry out your skin (not to mention the shifts in moisture and impacts of wind abrasion), and it’s best to simply avoid these risks altogether.  


So, accessorize your winter wardrobe with a few pairs of stylish mitts and gloves (or who knows, maybe even a muff), and keep them handy for any and all outdoor excursions.


In addition to outdoor gloves, keep gloves available indoors as well.  Rubber gloves are crucial for skin-damaging jobs like dishwashing, while soft cotton gloves are ideal for wearing at night to get the most out of moisturizers.  Speaking of which…


Moisturize Hands & Nails Regularly

It goes without saying that you should moisturize your hands regularly in every season (preferably with your favourite natural, non-greasy moisturizing cream), and in the winter it’s even more critical.  


But did you know that you need to be moisturizing your nails as well?  It’s true.  Like your skin, your nails are composed of epidermis cells; they’re just more hardened than the cells in your skin.  Skin doctor Cynthia Bailey, MD, explains that “Natural oils hold together the different layers of your nails, so cold and dry winter months and lots of hand washing with harsh soaps will dry out the natural ‘glue’.  It’s very similar to the dry skin you experience during winter months.”


Vaseline, omega-enriched oil, or lanolin cream (aka bag cream or udder cream) are all great options for keeping your nails supple.  Keep these products handy and apply them whenever you have the chance.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Even if you don’t work with heavy chemicals at your day job, your hands likely still come into contact with harsh products on a daily basis.  Cleaning products, dish soaps, and even nail care products (such as polish removers) can all leave your hands and nails depleted, brittle, and dry.  


In addition to wearing gloves when cleaning and scrubbing, consider investing in more natural cleaning products and evaluating which ones are truly necessary.  Also, be sure to moisturize your hands and nails immediately after using any polish removers.  


Warm Water Is Your Friend

This one is simple and straightforward.  While it may seem tempting to scrub your hands in the hottest water possible, this practise can result in drying out your skin at lightning speed.  Opt for warm water (and gentle soaps) instead.  Your hands and nails will thank you.


Modify Your Manicures

Wintertime is a great season to focus on strong, healthy nails.  For maximum durability, consider shorter nails with a square shape.  And, while fake nails can actually protect your real nails from the risks of winter, consider press-ons as well–which don’t require soaking in harsh chemicals to remove.  As always, use a fine file to keep small cracks and irregularities in check.


Clip & File Nails When Wet

After a bath or shower is the perfect time to pay a little extra attention to your nails.  Not only are you in the mood for a little pampering, but your nails are nice and soft from soaking.  Clipping dry nails can result in cracks and breaks, so be sure to avoid this practise.


In addition, be sure to also avoid clipping your cuticles.  Instead, gently push them back and exfoliate any build-up.  This will help to prevent cracking, bleeding, and infection down the road.


AiNails & Spa Winnipeg

AiNails and Spa is a nail salon in Winnipeg committed to helping you maintain healthy, beautiful skin and nails every season of the year.  This winter, let us help you keep your hands (and feet!) in tip-top condition.  To book a manicure, give us a call today!


Posted on: Mon, 11/07/2022 - 12:09