Nail Trends For 2022

With each year, it’s exciting to see the latest trends in nail designs. Online, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration for your next manicure. To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few fads that we’re excited about. 

Don’t fall behind the curve when it comes to nail designs. Dive into 2022 with these trending nail styles:


Throwback Nails

Retro and nostalgia are making a comeback in 2022. And it’s no wonder why—in an uncertain time, we find comfort in simple reminders of the past.  

Use nails that are reminiscent of ‘90s grunge with plaid patterns, pinstripes, or moody browns. Or, try a throwback to the early 2000s using geometric patterns and simple floral designs. 


Natural & Glossy

Minimalist looks are all the rage this year. Pastel pinks, soft tans, and chocolatey browns all create this natural look. Or, skip the colour altogether, and consider a clear gloss to accentuate the natural beauty of your nails. If neutral tones are too ordinary for your tastes, you can always dress them up with an iridescent top coat. 


Metallic Tips

French manicures are taking on a different look this year. Instead of the classic pink and white combo, we expect to see flashy tips painted with metallic polish. You can alternate colours to create glittery rainbow tips.


Marble Nails

Is there anything more elegant than a marble countertop? Now, your nails can be just as gorgeous. The colour combinations you can use are nearly endless. If you want a marble manicure, try a mixture of black and gold, teal and silver, or classic white and grey. Are marbled nails too bold for your tastes? Try marbled tips. 


Outlined Nails

A black outline provides more definition to the nails. It can be used to highlight an unconventional shape, like coffin-shaped or stiletto nails. You can outline just the tip of the nails, or the entire shape from edge to edge. 


Trending Colours

A few colours and finishes that we expect to see a lot of are:

  • Periwinkle. You’ve probably already noticed that Pantone’s Very Peri (the 2022 colour of the year) is everywhere. This soft blue-lavender shade is soothing and chic. It’s no surprise that it’s already making waves this year. 
  • Matte top coats. If you’re ready to leave glossy nails behind in 2021, you’re not alone. A matte top coat can totally transform your manicure; it creates a subtle and unique effect.
  • Uplifting neon colours. Couldn’t we all use a little more optimism in 2022? Colours can be a powerful reminder of hope and perseverance. Keep your spirits strong with shades of bright yellow, blue, and pink.


Rhinestones & Pearls

Add some texture to your nails with this latest trend. We’re seeing all sorts of 3D designs on nails, like rings, beads, jewels, and more. These decals really make your nails stand out. 


Press-On Nails

Life moves fast. One day, you’re rocking periwinkle nails with glitter tips. But the next week, you’re ready for a new look. Press-on nails are the perfect solution. They’re fast, convenient, and easy to remove. You can switch styles as often as you’d like with press-on nails.

Excited about this year’s nail trends? Then it’s time to try them on for yourself. Establish a trendy new look with a manicure in Winnipeg. At AiNails & Spa, we offer customizable nail art services that will transform your style. Book your appointment today!

Posted on: Mon, 01/24/2022 - 15:26