"I think an eyebrow can change the way you feel. It changes everything about your confidence."

So says Anastasia Soare, billionaire businesswoman, CEO, and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, also known as the "Eyebrow Queen."

Queen or not, there's no denying that eyebrow shaping has been an important element of women's beauty routines throughout the ages. Defining the brow's arch using hair removal techniques is something women have done for each other for at least 6,000 years.

An Ancient Rite

Yes, the art of threading is one of the earliest forms of hair removal. It dates back to the ancient Middle East and Central Asia, where Persian, Indian, and Chinese women used the technique to precisely shape their brows.

Though the exact origin of threading is unknown, lore has it that for Persian women, it marked a rite of passage. A young woman would have her eyebrows (and sometimes other facial hair) threaded by the women close to her before her wedding. In this way, she prepared for her new wifely status. Having your eyebrows threaded was a symbol of female virility.

Nowadays, you may be less interested in symbolism and keener on learning about the awesome benefits of the threading process in today's world. Threading has truly stood the test of time, so let's take a look.

Threading in the Modern Era

Until relatively recently, most North Americans and Europeans turned to tweezing, waxing, shaving, or chemical hair removal when shaping their brows. Since the early 1980s, however, eyebrow threading has become increasingly in demand as its popularity has spread across the western world.

Nowadays, threading is one of the commonly offered services at many salons. Though it’s often not included in aesthetician training, aestheticians can get additional training that prepares them to offer this service.

Modern women (and men) are opting for eyebrow threading for many reasons. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's stop and explain the eyebrow threading process in detail.

What Exactly Is Threading?

Threading is a process of hair removal that’s primarily used for shaping the eyebrows. It is performed using a cotton string twisted into two strands. A professional aesthetician uses the strings to gather and remove hairs from the roots.

That's it! Threading is a super simple process. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Threading is a service that should only be performed by a trained professional!

The Benefits of Threading

Ok, so now that we've gotten the basics out of the way, let's talk about benefits.

Eyebrow threading is great for so many reasons!

For starters, it's very safe. No sharp razors or tweezers near your eyes, no harsh chemicals on your sensitive skin. Just cotton thread. Easy peasy!

Threading is also very precise. Like plucking, threading can get you the exact results you want. But, unlike tweezing, threading involves multiple hairs at the same time. Hairs are removed by the roots, which means perfect brows that last for up to a month at a time.

Time is of the essence? Threading is the quickest way to maintain beautiful eyebrows. When you leave threading to a trusted aesthetician, it shouldn't take more than fifteen to thirty minutes every few weeks. A small investment with a big payoff!

Is Threading Right for Me?

While the choice is personal, many women find that they do prefer threading to other hair removal techniques. Threading is gentler than many other methods, and the results are comparatively long-lasting.

If you’re not sure about threading, talk to your aesthetician for more information.

One benefit of threading is that once your eyebrows have been shaped and maintained this way, the results get easier and easier to achieve. Hair follicles where hair has been removed by the roots (a process known as epilation) tend to produce thinner and weaker hairs. This means less time and energy (and, yes, pain) at subsequent threading sessions.

If you’re considering trying out eyebrow threading for the first time, be sure to go to a quality salon with aestheticians well trained in the technique.

Is Threading Just for Eyebrows?

No, definitely not! While threading is most commonly used for eyebrow shaping, it can be used effectively for any type of hair removal.

Unwanted facial hair in areas such as the upper lip, chin, or cheeks is well suited to removal by threading. And, truthfully, clients opt for threading on many different areas of the body. If threading works well for you, you can ask your aesthetician to apply the technique wherever you want hair removed.

AiNails and Spa

If you are looking for threading in Winnipeg, look no further than AiNails and Spa. At AiNails and Spa, we know you entrust us with a personal and important task when you put your eyebrows in our hands. And we are committed to making you feel like a queen (or king) every single time.

Our highly trained aestheticians are threading artists. They know proper threading techniques, and they also know how to accentuate the perfect shape for your brows based on your facial structure. Once you've had your eyebrows threaded once at AiNails and Spa, we're confident you'll return time and again to maintain a look that perfectly suits you.

So, when you type "nail salons St. Vital" into your search bar, do yourself a favour and make AiNails and Spa your choice for threading. We look forward to welcoming you here soon!


Posted on: Thu, 07/07/2022 - 12:54