What Are Shellac Nails

You love going to the salon for a classic manicure—you just wish that it would last a little longer. Have you tried Shellac nails? This chip-free nail lacquer lasts for weeks and has a drastically shorter drying time.

Shellac nails (created by the brand Creative Nail Design, or CND) are made of a mixture of gel and regular polish. This gives them the best of both worlds: The protective properties of gel and the lavish shine of lacquer. You can get flawless nails that last for weeks (without spending as long waiting for them to dry).

What gives Shellac its signature long-lasting performance? How does it differ from other nail products? And is it right for you? At AiNails and Spa, we offer Shellac pedicures and manicures. We’re going to dive into everything you need to know about Shellac nails: 


What Is Shellac?

Shellac is a nail polish product; the polish coats your nail with a glossy colour of your choosing. Shellac polish doesn’t extend your natural nail, but the polish can be applied on top of your acrylic or gel extensions for a long-lasting finish.

On average, a Shellac manicure lasts 14-21 days. You can make them last longer by wearing gloves whenever you’re using cleaning chemicals or tough chores, keeping your hands moisturized, and applying a topcoat to maintain the polish. Apply a coat of cuticle oil to keep your hands in mint condition. 

You’ve heard that Shellac lasts longer than other types of nail polish. Why is that? The gel used in the polish will harden and strengthen your nails, giving them more resistance to chipping and cracking.

The Shellac manicure process is similar to a classic manicure, with one key difference: The drying method. Once your nails are shaped and trimmed, your esthetician will apply the Shellac polish in a colour of your choosing. Then, they’ll place your hand under a UV lamp to cure the polish. In less than a minute, the polish will be hardened and dried.


Differences Between Shellac and Gel Nails

Trying to decide between a gel manicure or Shellac polish? While these nail polish products are similar, they aren’t exactly the same. Here’s how they differ:

  • Shellac nails are thinner. Don’t like the feeling of thicker nails? The Shellac formula is thinner than gel, which provides a more lightweight feel. 
  • The removal process is a bit different. Since Shellac polish is thinner than most gel polishes, it requires less acetone to remove. This makes the removal process more gentle on the nails. 
  • Shellac nails are produced by a specific brand. CND is the maker of Shellac nail polish. Gel is a broader term; it refers to a type of polish made by many different brands.


The Benefits of Shellac Manicures

Thinking about coating your nails with a shiny layer of Shellac? If you’re on the fence, these benefits will sway you to grab your phone and book an appointment:


Faster Drying Time

You want to paint your nails, but who has the time to wait up to an hour for them to dry? A Shellac manicure is cured using a UV light; the ultraviolet waves activate the formula to instantly harden and dry the nail. 


Damage-Free Removal 

With a higher level of lacquer than other gel polishes, Shellac polish is easier to remove without damaging the natural nail. An esthetician can remove it quickly by briefly soaking the nail in acetone, then using tools to carefully remove it.

That being said, you can damage your nails if you try to remove them yourself. Always visit a professional salon to remove your Shellac nails; otherwise, you risk removing a thin layer of your nail. 


Fabulous Shine

Do you love glossy nails? Polish that’s so reflective it nearly lights up the room? Shellac polish is the perfect fit. Ultra-glossy nails are within your reach when you choose a Shellac manicure.


Chip-Free Nails

Each day, your hands work for you. That work takes a toll on your nails and skin. Things like washing dishes, cleaning, and doing your job might make you worry about chipping your manicure. Not with Shellac. These incredibly durable nails can stand up to the toughest tests.

If you’re soaking your hands in hot water or using chemicals, we recommend that you wear gloves to protect your nails.


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Posted on: Mon, 06/06/2022 - 12:55