Manicures in Winnipeg

Your hands work hard. They deserve to be pampered! But if you want to get your nails done, you might not know which style, polish, or manicure service to choose.  From chrome to colour ombre nails, we offer an extensive range of nail art services. If you have a specific design in mind, we also provide customized nail designs. At AiNails & Spa, we have over 1,000 different colours of polish. 

Polish Change

$ 13

AiSport Manicure

$ 27

Spa Manicure

$ 27

Shellac Manicure

$ 42

OPI Dip Powder Manicure

$ 52

Mani-French Add On

$ 5

Pedicures in Winnipeg

We spend all day on our feet. It’s time to give them a well-deserved break. Pedicures are a rejuvenating and soothing treatment for any skin type. If you haven’t had a pedicure in a while, you might feel slightly embarrassed about your feet. We can transform your toes and eliminate any ingrown nails, calluses, and/or dead skin. After your pedicure, your feet will feel soft and look stylish. You’ll be excited to show them off in your favourite pair of sandals.

Polish Change on Toes

$ 16

Mini Pedicure

$ 32

Mini Pedicure w/ Shellac Colour

$ 43

AiSport Pedicure

$ 42

Spa Pedicure

$ 42

Shellac Pedicure

$ 52

Toe Reconstruction

$ 15+

Pedi-French Add On

$ 5

LCN Gel Nails (w/ Shellac Color) in Winnipeg

Gel nails offer total coverage with long-lasting results. They’re flexible and durable, which helps them resist breakage. With LCN Gel Nails, you can transform ordinary nails into a glossy, beautiful manicure. Add on Shellac colour to make your manicure last longer than ever; this polish stays chip-free for several weeks.

LCN Gel Full Set

$ 75

LCN Gel Fill

$ 59

LCN Gel Overlays

$ 60

Dipping Powder Nails (w/ Color) in Winnipeg

Dipping powder nails are the latest trend in manicure design. Instead of applying a liquid polish, we’ll brush on a powder that quickly and completely coats your nail. Dipping powder nails are highly durable; they’ll stay on for weeks without any maintenance required.

Dipping Powder Full Set

$ 59

Dipping Powder Fill

$ 53

Dipping Powder Overlay

$ 53

Waxing in Winnipeg

You’ve had enough of shaving with razors; while they’re effective at removing hair, they tend to leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Or perhaps you’re planning a holiday by the beachside, and you don’t want to worry about shaving while you’re on vacation. Either way, we have the solution for you: waxing.


$ 15


$ 10


$ 10

Full Face

$ 32


$ 35


$ 20


$ 45


$ 28

Full Arms

$ 38

Full Legs

$ 52


$ 50


$ 18


$ 21

Brazilian Maintenance

$ 39

Waxing Packages Available

HydraFacial in Winnipeg

Many of us dream of having skin that’s so radiant it nearly glows. But if you deal with common skin issues like wrinkles, dryness, or brown spots (hyperpigmentation), you might be wondering how to achieve it. Have you considered booking a HydraFacial? This non-invasive treatment leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and fresh. It can reduce excess sebum production and purge your skin of impurities.

HydraFacial MD w/ Light Therapy

$ 169

HydraFacial MD ® Britenol

$ 199

HydraFacial MD ® Dermabuilder

$ 199

HydraFacial MD ® ReGen GF

$ 219

HydraFacial MD ® AiSignature

$ 239

HydraFacial MD ® AiGold

$ 289

HydraFacial MD Package Available

Press & Go in Winnipeg

For a quick and transformative manicure, try Press & Go nails. These nails adhere directly to your natural nail. Press-On Nails are easy to switch out as needed. When you’re ready to try a new style, contact us to make an appointment.

Press-On Nails

$ 65

Threading & Tinting in Winnipeg

Looking to define the shape of your brows? With our brow threading services, you can achieve defined, sharp brows within minutes. It’s affordable and great for those with sensitive skin. We also offer tinting services to darken the colour of your brows.

Brows Threading

$ 15

Lip Threading

$ 10

Full Face Threading

$ 30

Brows Tinting

$ 12

Lash Tinting

$ 30

Nail Arts in Winnipeg

Want to customize your next manicure or pedicure? With our nail art services, we can design a unique set of nails that reflects your vision. We can create trending styles like chrome, French ombre, or customized nail designs.


$ 20

Colour French

$ 8

Colour Ombre

$ 20+

Customized Nail Designs

$ 25+

French Ombre

$ 15

Nail Arts

$ 6+

Repairs & Removals in Winnipeg

Shellac Repair (per nail)

$ 6

LCN Gel Nail Repair (per nail)

$ 8

Dipping Powder Nail Repair (per nail)

$ 6

Press-On Nail Repair (per nail)

$ 7

Shellac Removal

$ 10

Dipping Powder Removal

$ 20

LCN Gel Removal

$ 20

Acrylic Removal

$ 30

Q: What is a Mini Pedicure?

The Mini Pedicure is a fast and economical foot-service that including trimming and shaping toenails, cuticle works, hot towel, massage, and regular polish within 30 mins.

Q: What is HydraFacial MD ® AiGold

HydraFacial ® AiGold includes cleansing, exfoliation, Glycolic Peel, face massage, 24K Gold patch, and 24K Gold Gel MASK, hand massage or scalp massage, Light Therapy, and hydrating. 

24K Gold Therapy benefits for detoxifying, brightening, rejuvenation, and tightening.

For all types of skin.

Contact us for the package price.

Q: What is HydraFacial MD ® AiSignature

HydraFacial MD ® AiSignature includes cleansing, exfoliation, Glycolic Peel, face massage, Hydrojelly Mask, hand massage or scalp massage, Light Therapy, and hydrating. 

For all types of skin.

Contact us for the package price.

Q: What measures are AiNails & Spa taking right now?

To accommodate the newest guidance released by MB Government, MASKS are now RECOMMENDED indoors. AiNails & Spa is continuing to take extra measures on sanitation and disinfection BEFORE & AFTER services. At AiNails & Spa, a 3-step sanitation & disinfection method is always applied to manicure and pedicure stations after every single use. At this particular time, there will be more touchable areas to be sanitized/disinfected after their usages, such as the polish bottles and powder jars, bathroom, POS machine, and reception counter-top. All metal tools will be properly disinfected and sterilized. All accessory tools are disposable.