What Is A French Manicure?

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 14:49

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to feel the sun on your skin again.  But as your fingers and toes begin to emerge from their mittens and cozy socks, you may discover that they need some special attention to be ready for the upcoming warm weather.  After a cold, dry winter, spring is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure.  Not only will these treatments rejuvenate your skin and nails, but they’ll also bring a pop of pizazz to your spring wardrobe and style.


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How Long Does Waxing Last?

Mon, 02/28/2022 - 14:40

If you’re about to venture on a vacation by the beach, or you’re just looking for a hair removal method with long-lasting results, you might consider waxing. But before you book your appointment, you might have a few questions. 

You’ve heard that waxing lasts longer than shaving—but is it really true? And if so, why? We’re going to answer a few common questions about waxing.


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Nail Trends For 2022

Mon, 01/24/2022 - 15:26

With each year, it’s exciting to see the latest trends in nail designs. Online, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration for your next manicure. To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few fads that we’re excited about. 

Don’t fall behind the curve when it comes to nail designs. Dive into 2022 with these trending nail styles:


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What Is A Dip Powder Manicure?

Mon, 01/24/2022 - 14:58

If you haven’t heard of a dip powder manicure before, you aren’t alone; they’re a new way to get long-lasting, flawless nails. Dip powder manicures look just like regular polish, except they’re more durable. 

This manicure is gentle on the nails. It creates a smooth and opaque finish without harming your natural nails. And instead of applying a liquid polish, your nail technician uses a jar of powder.

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LCN Gel Nails

Wed, 11/24/2021 - 14:39

You’re ready for a brand new set of nails. But you want something that can hold up against wear and tear. Have you considered LCN gel nails? These cosmetic nail extensions are durable, flexible, and fashionable. Better yet, they’re made without any solvents, acids, or acetone. 

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